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  life + style in Stumptown
September 2, 2011

Stumptown has little in the way of professional team sports: the myriad pick-up softball teams, kickball leagues, and tag tournaments are all lovely, but they don’t count in this argument.

There’s no MLB club here whose fall playoff run (or choke) has us enthralled (or despondent), so we cast our baseball interests back across the rest of the country. There’s no pro football team to get excited about, now that football’s labor disagreements have been somewhat messily patched; homeboy hero Ndamukong Suh representing hard on national TV with the 5-0-3 is the biggest pigskin thrill Portland will get.

Still, we look forward to Labor Day with friends, food, new gadgets, and maybe a game or two on the tube—even if no team is the home team.

Portland Picks for Men:


Keeping it Real

Video stores are probably going to go obsolete in about a week or so, and that will be a shame, because then we won’t have places like Video Verite. While it’s true that Netflix is happy to beam a vast chunk of Hollywood’s makings (and leavings) onto your computer screen, it’s by no means a comprehensive catalog of cinema.

If you’re looking for old noir movies, DVD sets of British television shows, out-of-print horror films, or obscure Swedish documentaries, Video Verite probably has it. The store is nicely laid out, pleasant to be in, and movies are easy to find.
What’s more, the staff is friendly and knows a thing or three about movies. If you say to them “I really liked that Rashomon movie. What should I watch next?” they can actually give you insightful answers, making them about 157% more useful than your standard blue-shirted employee.

It’s not just a video store—it’s a place where you can happily bask in hardcore cinema geekery. You can also pick up a sixer to go, so make a night of it.

Video Verite
3956 N. Mississippi Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Video Verite on facebook


Package Deal

Not too long ago we were taking a walk with a wise old man who whispered to us, “It’s not how heavy the load is, it’s how you carry it.” We took that to mean “Make sure you buy good underwear.” On further consideration, it was probably some grand understatement about life, but no matter. Because no matter who you are, if you’re a guy, you know how important it is to take care of what God gave you.

Under U4 Men provides the necessary equipment to keep your equipment safe, secure and comfortable. Whether you’re in the mood to sex up your significant other, visit the lap pool for some serious calorie-burning or just in need of support for that tough Monday board meeting, they’ve literally got you covered. UU4M carries a wide selection of swimwear, boxers, briefs, and even sleepwear, so you can hit the sheets in style.

They also keep your skin safe with shaving products, fragrances and more. Stop in to Under U4 Men to make an “understatement” of your own.

Under U4 Men
507 SW Broadway St.
Portland, OR 97205


Treat Her Like a Lady

We’ve shown you where to buy a great jacket and boots, where to cut that man-mane and sip a local brew, and even the best place to meet the lady of your dreams, while saving bank all the while. Now that you have your shite together and a lady on your arm, don't you wanna impress her?

We suggest the charm and atmosphere of arguably Portland's classiest bar, The Palm Court, located in the first floor of the iconic Benson Hotel. Known as the preferred hotel of rock stars, captains of industry, and every president since Truman, the classical ambiance, Siberian Walnut paneling, intricate plaster ceilings and turn-of-the-century decor are totally unbeatable when trying to dazzle that lady love. But so are the drinks and food—visit them for early or late happy hour and order off their tapas menu while perusing the largest selection of wines to be found in Oregon.

Finish the night with a spectacular flaming Bananas Foster for two, and don't worry—you'll still be under-budget. A single night of romance isn't worth a week of ramen, areweright?

Palm Court in the Benson Hotel
309 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97206


Mandatory Gear:


Tannic Room

We tend to whine when our wine’s not prime. Reds too warm at room temperature, or whites too uncouth to keep stashed in bottles in your refrigerator. If only there were a gentlemanly-cool product to store and dispense accordingly... enter this rad new chiller cask from the20.

This innovative cask is upcycled from its previous existence as an army ammunition case. It fits most anywhere in your fridge, and holds up to four bottles of vino!

Chiller Cask


Don’t Stare Directly

We can’t think of the number of times we’d have been better off with a flashlight, but there just doesn’t seem to be space for one of those enormous police-style flashlights in the car, not to mention the utility belt.

If you want brightness with functionality and convenience, the Solarforce M6 LED light with 550 lumen output, waterproof body, and aluminum alloy reflector is for you. And for us. Hint, ladies: We want this!

Solarforce LED Flashlight


Fuzz on the Rim

A whole lotta blokes are sporting mustaches these days. We’ll leave it up to the fairer sex to decide whether you pull it off with panache, or you should quit lying to yourself and trot to the nearest barber.

We can all agree, however, on these 17-ounce mustache wine glasses. We can’t wait to imbibe from something sporting a handlebar. Get ‘em in five different facial hair colors, and get a pair of “Nancy” lips to match.

Stemless Wine Glasses

What's Happening:


Sublime Joviality

Visitors to our city rave about the sense of community, the food and drink, the fun. We suspect they’ll love Indulge at The Jupiter. Take in a little (or a lot) of what Portland does best: food carts, restaurants, beer, wine, and craft spirits. And if you over-indulge? Stay the night with the package discount! It’s at the Jupiter Hotel for a reason.

What: Indulge at The Jupiter
When: Thursday, Sept. 22, 5:30–9 pm
Where: The Jupiter Hotel, 800 E. Burnside


Get Out Your Wax

Despite last weekend’s 91-degree heat, we glanced to the east to refresh ourselves and thought: Snow. Skiing. Mt. Hood Meadows. This year they’re unveiling the Stadium Express high-speed quad, providing convenient access to Mt. Hood's most popular terrain. It’s not too early to think about purchasing a season pass: they’ve got ‘em on sale online now for $499 ($500 off)!

What: Mt. Hood Meadows Season Passes
When: Now through Nov. 6, 2011
Where: Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
Call: 503.659.1256


For the Carnivores…

Regional and local chefs will gather near Mt. Hood for amazing culinary demonstrations and an Iron Chef-style cooking competition.. You might see some of your favorite foodies from Beaker & Flask, Pok Pok, Beast, and Metrovino in the cook-off, plus locally-made soft and potent potables, and a culinary market to buy the cool stuff you just witnessed in use.

What: 11th Annual Nicky USA Wild About Game
When: Sunday, Sept. 18, 11 am–4 pm
Where: The Resort at the Mountain, Welches, OR
Call: 503.622.3101


That’s a wrap, gentlemen, and not a minute too soon, as we need to go sort through Labor Day BBQ options. Tell all your buddies about and remember to check us out on Facebook.

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