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January 7, 2011

We are recharged, resoluted, and ready to take 2011 by the horns… and you’re coming with! The holidays were a little hectic this year, but time with family and friends all coming together to celebrate is time well spent. With all the visiting, partying, and gift-shopping behind us, it’s time to get back to separating the player from the hustle.

That’s a resolution that we work for all year long… while trying to avoid insanely crowded gyms packed with short-time amateurs, the likes of whom we won’t see again until this time next year.

Now let’s get back to the program. It’s been effing cold outside, so forward this issue to 5 friends and CC picks@portlandpicksformen.com. You could win a super warm and high-functioning Lhotse Jacket from Columbia Sportswear.


Portland Picks for Men:


Give and Take

The Record Room in North Portland is the latest in the growing trend of “vinyl lounges.” Word has already been spreading about this hip spot since it opened its doors in October.

Pop in on the corner of North Williams and Killingsworth, and chances are you’ll see Rachel behind the counter. (Whoa! Another girl who’s into records!) Her goals for the place are to provide a music store first, then a spacious lounge setting for folks to relax with laptops to work or to surf (wi-fi is available). Hang out, sip coffee or champagne, and play the silver ball or catch a DJ.

Eyeballing the inventory reveals finely cultivated used vinyl, mostly within the broad rock and indie categories, along with choice jazz, electronica, psych, and more. If you’re selling your old records, the shop offers some of the most generous prices we know of, including collectors’ values on prime pieces, and a healthy 50% in-store credit that can applied to more than just vinyl. That includes beer, wine, bubbly, locally roasted coffee, and snacks. Awesome!

Record Room
8 NE Killingsworth St.
Portland, OR 97211


Get Fired Up

We all know that feeling: that moment when we do something for the very first time that sparks a lifelong pursuit. Afterward, it’s all about getting around the right people who can turn that spark into a fire. Clive Coffee not only has the match, but all the gasoline to ignite and fuel our passion for making the best coffee at home.

This is the real deal, gentlemen, and you get what you pay for. Having a top-notch espresso machine at home will crank out any quality caffeinated beverage for 15 years! Starbucks can’t hold a candle to a track record like that, or even procure the same equipment, and you get your coffee the way you want, every single time.

If an espresso machine draws and quarters your checkbook, fear not. There’s an array of coffee making equipment like French presses, unique pour-overs (Coava), and the crowd-pleasing French vacuum brewer. This last item has to be seen in action to be fully appreciated, trust us.

Go, visit, and let their enthusiasm set your passion ablaze.

Clive Coffee 
738 SE Washington St. 
Portland, OR 97214 


Burn Notice

Everyone we know in Portland fields at least one crazy obsession. Maybe the couch must face north, or perhaps the seventh gate of hell will open if the bread plate isn’t on the left. How we survive these fixations starts with knowing when to fight the madness, and when to embrace it.

At Burnside Brewing Co., their brand of obsession is something we can all get crazy about. The just-opened pub and brewery occupies the (nicely renovated) space formerly occupied by Airplay Cafe & Swiss Cleaners. Their inaugural brew is a wonderfully smooth IPA. Each item on the pub’s menu receives Burnside’s own culinary flair by creatively infusing beer and its ingredients into many dishes, giving taste buds a massage.

Because Burnside Brewery is still brand new, this is one obsession that will only get more awesome; plans include adding more beers on tap and expanding the menu to include dessert options. After enjoying fantastic food and a few frosty pints, we will gladly return to be the Tom Cruise to their Dustin Hoffman.

Burnside Brewing Co.
701 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214

  Destination of the Week: Astoria

One of our favorite movies from back in the day was filmed in Astoria, and now it’s quickly becoming a burgeoning hotbed for foodies. Astoria has always been a fun place to spend the day, but with additions like Bridgewater Bistro, Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe, and Bowpicker’s Fish & Chips, you can celebrate everything from an anniversary to a Friday night out. And, since it’s a coastal town, the only way to get fresher seafood would be to have your own boat. 


Mandatory Gear:


Six Shooter, No Permit Required

This flask’s durable and collapsible design means a big fall at the mountain won’t make you smell like the contents or bruise a rib. And if you sneak up your grandfather’s Prohibition-era art deco flask and break it, that’ll get you tearfully written out of the will in a New York minute.

This flask won’t break the wallet either. Ten of these reusable flasks cost about the same as the steel deal and, with TLC, each will go further than a DC-30 aircraft.



What Would Chuck Norris Do?

He’d probably open a bottle of wine using only eye contact, or by traveling back in time to get the bottle before it’s corked. The rest of us can imagine what that’s like, or we can do something about it. Enter the Knuckle Duster Corkscrew.

It’s a pair of brass knuckles, but this sublimated instrument of destruction will twist off a cork and get you in touch with your inner Chuck at the same time. Now… who wants some?

Knuckle Duster Corkscrew


The Watch of Tomorrow, Today

There’s a lot of cool stuff that comes through the PPFM office, but sometimes a piece arrives that totally blows us away. The Mutewatch is one of them, featuring a touch-screen interface that you’ll be navigating professionally in no time, if you can work an iPhone.

Bringing sexy and simplistic elements together, this timepiece is sure to turn more heads than Heidi Klum (10 years ago). Now we just need a futuristic wardrobe to match.



Hip Happenings:


Food for Furniture

It's that hip time of year again! That time when you can brighten up your living space and make things a little brighter for less fortunate Portland families. Bring three (or more) cans of non-perishable food items and receive a 15% discount off all Gus Modern furniture. This only comes once a year, so go now!

What: The Hip & Gus Modern Food Drive
When: Through Jan. 31
Where: Hip Furniture, 1829 NW 25th Ave.
Call: 503.225.5017
Visit: www.ubhip.com


Good Things Come in Pairs

Some things are meant to go together; peanut butter and jelly, whiskey and fireworks, and especially beer and food. Treat yourself and a friend to a special evening of pairings from Upright Brewing’s rare brews and Aquariva’s fantastic cuisine that’s five courses long! This is a treat that’s not to be missed, so reserve your spot now.

What: Aquariva Welcomes Upright Brewing
When: Friday, Jan. 14, 6 pm
Where: 4650 SW Macadam Ave.
Call:   503.802.5850
Visit: www.aquarivaportland.com/events.html


Beer Festivus

The only thing Portlanders may love more than beer is beer festivals. Burnside Brewing Co, Cascade Barrel House, Migration Brewing Co, Coalition Brewing Co, Buckman Village Brewery, and Natian Brewery will be there in full effect pouring and showcasing an assortment of their upcoming and limited-release beers! Come out and show your love for PDX Beer!

What: Buckman-Kerns BeerFest
When: January 16, 1p-until beer is gone!
Where: EastBurn, 1800 E. Burnside St.
Visit: www.theeastburn.com/events_beerfest.htm


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